"Shine Bright" facial scrub with organic argan oil

"Shine Bright" facial scrub with organic argan oil


Eliminate impurities while hydrating and regenerating your skin? This is now possible by using the “Shine Bright” face scrub.

With kaolin , soft and absorbent clay, your epidermis is re-mineralized, cleaned and rid of its dead cells as well as all the impurities present on the surface. It is one of the softest clays for the skin and is perfectly accepted by very sensitive or intolerant skin.

In order to gently erase, we have chosen to use organic blond cane sugar for a natural cleansing that is suitable for everyone.

Glycerin , combined with organic argan oil , acts as an essential hydrating agent, leaving a feeling of softness to the touch.

  • Déposez une noisette de gommage sur vos doigts et appliquez sur votre visage préalablement humidifié. Massez en douceur et rincez abondamment.

    Nous vous recommandons d’utiliser le gommage en association avec la cure complète. Soyez toujours à l’écoute des besoins de votre peau.