"Sublime skin" box

"Sublime skin" box


The "Sublime skin" box contains:

  • The argan box of 4 organic and vegan creams for a complete facial treatment with a day cream, a night cream, a scrub and an anti-aging cream.
  • Box of 5 organic and / or vegan soaps to gently cleanse your skin: APHRODITE (organic calendula oil) - ATHÉNA ( organic olive oil) - CAELESTIS (organic argan oil ) - CLÉOPÂTRE (organic donkey milk ) - OYA (organic shea butter) .
  • 1 organic and vegan shea butter for in-depth hydration.
  • 4 creams contained in recycled glass jars of 50ml each.

    5 handmade soaps weighing 100g each.

    1 cold pressed shea butter weighing 100g.