Box 5 organic and / or vegan soaps

Box 5 organic and / or vegan soaps


A gift pack containing 5 versions of our organic soaps (5 x 100g):

  • OYA shea butter soap (organic and vegan) with important moisturizing and regenerating qualities.
  • CAELESTIS soap with argan oil (organic and vegan) is a major ally against dryness and aging of the skin.
  • CLEOPÂTRE soap with donkey milk (organic), perfect for sensitive skin, regenerates the epidermis while deeply moisturizing it.
  • ATHÉNA soap with olive oil (organic and vegan) rich in vitamin E and antioxidants nourishes and protects the skin from external aggressions.
  • APHRODITE soap with calendula oil (organic and vegan) containing softening properties is recommended for fragile, blotchy and irritated skin.

Each individual packaging is made of recycled paper and its box, grouping the lot, is made of recycled cardboard.

  • Box of 5 organic and / or vegan handmade soaps weighing 100g each.